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About us

Established in Singapore in 2016, Azteq has 4 business units:

         1. Supply chain solutions.

         2. Sales & business consultancy.

         3. Digital marketing for O&G SMES's.

         4. Wholesale retail distribution.


The Oil and Gas division was born out of necessity to meet industry demands in a low oil price world, offering quality drilling, completion and intervention products at competitive prices. The retail distribution arm represents upcoming brands with innovative products who wish to expand into South East Asia. 

Founder and Managing Director, Edward Wharam, has over 20 years of sales, operational and management experience having worked extensively across Europe and Asia Pacific in senior roles with some of the biggest upstream OFS companies in the industry (Andergauge, Grant Prideco, NOV and TAM International). He was instrumental in starting and developing NOV's drilling tools business in China over a 10 year period, something that has given him a rare and unique insight into the cultural and business challenges that MNC's face on a daily basis - from creating winning strategies to successful contract negotiation and creating value for customers. 

Azteq's distribution arm introduces unique consumer brands to the South East Asian market, and handles everything from initial market feasibility studies to creating the Go-To-Market strategy. All marketing (digital, traditional, branding and PR) is performed in house complimenting our strong network of retail partners to really bring your brand to the masses.